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Living Logistics

A living will form, available through your doctor’s office, is also called Advance Health Care Directive. It designates someone to make health care decisions for you only if you can’t speak for yourself. Visit to download a New Mexico form. In general, your living will may: • Specify when you want life-prolonging procedures administered or continued • Outline the specific care you want (such as dialysis, mechanical ventilation, artificial hydration and nutrition or CPR) • Establish your wishes for palliative care and donor options • Include spiritual and religious considerations Sources: National Caregiver Alliance and AARP If you don’t have a living will or any identified agent, a doctor in New Mexico is legally bound by state law to go to these individuals, in this order, for decisions: 1. Spouse 2. Domestic partner 3. Adult sons and daughters 4. Parents 5. Adult sibling 6. Grandparents 7. An adult friend who is familiar with your wishes