Yay, Chaparral

We have both been at Chaparral Elementary School since kindergarten. Chaparral is a very fun and educational school. We have many after-school programs and activities. One of the school’s favorite activities is family game night. During family game night, we have a lot of fun games, and we also have pizza, raffles and door prizes. There are a variety of different games. For example, we played tic-tac-toe. Our favorite game is where you have a plastic-wrapped ball with prizes in it and oven mitts. You put the oven mitts on and try to unwrap the plastic wrap to get different prizes. Chaparral also has math night, which has this fun activity where you have to make a chocolate calculator out of candy. These are some of our favorite activities at Chaparral.

Loren and Zeralynn Chaparral Elementary

Laura Gonzales, parent Santa Fe






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