Form & concept



Santa Fe New Mexican


Located in the Railyard Arts District, the contemporary gallery form & concept exhibits art, craft and design side by side. Two shows are on display through Oct. 1. The first spotlights multidisciplinary Santa Fe artist Heidi Brandow (Diné/Kānaka Maoli). The biographical show also features works of her friends and mentors. “The artists I chose are asking a lot of the same questions and not accepting the status quo of what art or Native art should be,” Brandow said. The gallery's second show, Degrees of Granularity, was an official selection of CURRENTS New Media, a citywide art and technology festival held in July. Shomit Barua and Christine Cassano created the installation, featuring more than 500 hand-formed pieces of paper-thin, translucent porcelain, delicately stacked on each other and resting on a mirror. The artist duo also include a technological element, with motion-reactive audio that subtly shifts the porcelain pieces.