IAIA’s Student and Recent Graduate Art Market



Santa Fe New Mexican



IAIA's Student and Recent Graduate Art Market, which is limited to student artists only, is run by IAIA's Museum Club as a fundraiser. “The market includes currently enrolled students in degree programs,” said Tatiana Lomahaftewa-Singer, curator of collections for IAIA. “Also, recent graduates from the last five years are eligible to sell. It's a pretty small market. It's free.” Twenty to 30 artists sell their work “in front of the IAIA museum, on Cathedral Place under the portal.” Lomahaftewa-Singer continued, “What's different about this market is that people can see what students are doing at IAIA. We're multitribal, so it's pretty diverse. People coming to the market not only can meet with students and recent graduates, they can also meet with people from [other] tribal nations. This market is special because the artists are students. That's what people really like.”