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Santa Fe New Mexican

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Welcome to the 2022 International Folk Art Market. Thank you for being a critical part of our mission to create economic opportunity for and with folk artists worldwide — and thank you for joining the celebration. Folk art is rooted in place, culture and community. We gather here to celebrate the resilience of its creators in preserving vital traditions, in sharing the artistic expression of their beliefs and practices and in standing as proof that folk art is a living discipline, constantly changing and transforming. The International Folk Art Market is itself rooted in this special community. We take inspiration from the significant Museum Hill institutions that daily give voice to the achievements, culture and artistry of diverse peoples. As we stand on the unceded territorial lands of the Tewa, Tano, Navajo and Jicarilla Apache peoples, we honor those who have inhabited, and will continue to inhabit, this terrain and hold it sacred. In welcoming the more than 160 exceptional folk art masters of the 2022 market, we strive to stretch our awareness and understanding of the value of place in sustaining community, voice and art. How are connections retained in times of global stress and conflict? How are traditions maintained when practitioners are no longer in their homelands — whether because of choice, political turmoil or economic pressures? How does folk art change when centuries-old materials are no longer available, and what innovations result from these evolutions? Thank you for joining us in these inquiries — and in the exploration of these traditions brought to vivid life. Innovative experimentation with materials, motifs, functionalities and collaborations are highlighted in the stand-alone Innovation Inspiration tent; we are grateful to JoAnn and Bob Balzer for their founding and continuing sponsorship of this program. Explore with us the work of 38 first-time market participants, many of whom exemplify a “folk minimalism” aesthetic, focusing on fundamental forms and colors. Discover why folk art is such a powerful driver for its female practitioners, allowing them to serve as breadwinners for their families, to demonstrate leadership in their communities and to reach their full creative potential. Engage with the six U.S.-born artists nominated by our New Mexican museum and cultural institution partners across a variety of media, including paper, glass, metal and clay. The immaterial folk art vehicles of music, dance and food are back. Among many amazing offerings we are excited to welcome Colombia’s Kombilesa Mí as our special musical guest for the first-ever IFAM Night Market on July 9. This special evening session provides an additional opportunity for guests to experience the market, with extra beverage options, art demonstrations and installations. The magic of the market is created by a community: the thousands of volunteers who make the event possible, our amazing board of directors and tireless über-capable staff, longtime community partners who produce key parts of the event — and you. Thank you for being here, and enjoy!