See ‘JQA’

The New Mexico Actors Lab is currently presenting JQA, a play this theater-goer highly recommends. The play offers conversations between John Quincy Adams and various individuals, from George Washington to Abraham Lincoln. The theme is about what constitutes good government and the struggle and personal cost to be good and do right. The play, though, gives more than that. There is a scene, for example, between Adams and his wife after the funeral of their son, John, that is heartbreaking.

The director, Robert Benedetti, part of the five-person cast, has done an incredible job staging this play. All five actors, playing multiple parts, are outstanding, each giving memorable performances. One of the highlights is Danielle Louise Reddick’s role as Frederick Douglass. She gives a powerful, moving discourse on slavery, freedom and acknowledging the worth of the downtrodden that goes beyond slavery. If you can find time as the holiday season begins, this is a play with performances that are worthy of your time.

Joe Stack Santa Fe






Santa Fe New Mexican