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Teachers, lawmakers object to PED’s proposed calendar rule change, Nov. 18

If it makes the teachers feel better, every profession is getting a little squeezed right now because of inflation and the economy. At my work, we’ve had to decrease appointment times, increase volume and bill more ‘productively.’ It’s a new standard all clinics are having to adopt for financial reasons. Needless to say, our hourly pay has not changed.”

Elizabeth Jones

A true calendar change that would make a positive difference in student learning and retention and would lessen the stress on both students and teachers and principals would be to have nine-week sessions with two to three weeks off between those sessions. The many excuses for not adopting a year-round schedule pall in comparison to the list of benefits to a quality education.”

Hart Pierce

Once again, the Public Education Department is totally disconnected from reality. It won’t make any difference at all if New Mexico’s children are not showing up. There have recently been stories that show looping or having students stay with their teachers as they progress in elementary school, which is done overseas and now research shows it works here, can fix some of this.” Jerry Appel






Santa Fe New Mexican