To Find Your Style, Love Yourself

Guadalupe Goler’s top fashion tips



Santa Fe New Mexican


Fashion evolves. So do people. As our tastes, needs, and bodies change, it’s important to keep your closet current, says Guadalupe Goler. “You might have a pair of shoes you haven’t worn in three years, or 10 years. Let it go. Give it to somebody else to enjoy and get yourself something different.” The style maven considers fashion too personal to issue a list of specific tips for creating a killer wardrobe, but basic advice includes having a few key items, “like a good pair of shoes or sunglasses and something ready-to-wear.” Her best tips are more heartfelt and holistic than a list of do’s and don’ts. “I believe how we dress is an expression of our personality, feeling good within ourselves. On days where we don’t feel good, wearing something beautiful can raise our spirits,” she says. “I don’t think there is a right or wrong way to dress.” Trust boutique owners to show you items you might not gravitate toward on your own, because this is what they are there for, she says. Try things outside your comfort zone, but don’t buy things in which you’re not comfortable. Your wardrobe doesn’t need to be expensive to look good, but a few higher-end items can make your outfits pop. Go for things that are trendy “but not too trendy,” and remember that a great pair of shoes or a gorgeous bag instantly upgrades yoga pants for a night out. What you don’t have to do, especially in Santa Fe, is change yourself to fit in. She can’t emphasize this enough. “Don’t go buy squash blossom necklaces or broomstick skirts. Just be yourself. Santa Fe opens its arms to everybody. If you ask what’s the best thing somebody can do, I’m sorry it sounds so cliché, but just love yourself.”